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We Have Advanced Skill In Dental Implant Preparation

Bone Grafting Builds a Healthy Foundation for Dental Implants

Are you having problems receiving dental implants because of bone loss in the jaw? To rebuild lost bone and create the support needed for tooth replacement with dental implants, bone grafting may be an ideal solution. Bone grafting is the process of rebuilding the bony foundation of your jaw by adding bone tissue harvested from your own body or other safe donor source. Our board certified periodontists, Drs. Kelly A. Misch, Amar Katranji and Julius Bunek have advanced skill in bone grafting procedures. We use minimally invasive techniques like PIEZOSURGERY®, ultrasonic technology that lets us perform bone grafting services without impacting surrounding soft tissue. From our state-of-the-art facilities in Jackson, MI, and Ann Arbor, MI, to our soothing sedation dentistry services, we proudly offer the comfortable bone grafting procedures you need for improved oral health and successful dental implant placement.